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We bake all the pies on Fridays, collection from 3 pm to 6:00 pm. Order in advance!

Pies and Pastries

We love baking. It brings joy and stimulates our senses. It is not only a great smell of freshly baked treats in your house but also a fascinating process which helps to produce endorphins. It is a family fun time! Engage your kids in baking!

1kg Zemallow's Dough


Keep in a fridge for 48 hours


Save your time (at least one day) All you need to do is to create your own baked treats.

Use your favourite fillings. Be creative - make pies and pastries in different shapes. Bake it! Have fun!!!

Dough comes with a baking instruction.

It is freshly made. You need to bake it within 54 hours.

Keep dough in a fridge (t° +1 and +3)

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